I drop by the store once more in the morning to fill up on water, and get an ice cream bar. Then I’m off.
I totally noticed

It’s half a mile to the trail head, so I put my thumb out, and someone stops immediately.

That was quick.

The trailhead is farther than I thought, and this guy already knew everything about it. He seems a little annoyed that I didn’t.

I would like to get to the next resupply in 3 days. I have this fantasy that I can do 30 miles in the limited hours of a winter day, a fantasy I disprove daily.

After a little bit of uphill, I hit what is known as the powerline 100. 100 power lines in a straight line.

It’s kind of nice; quite reliable.
Come at me, bro

I come across two black cows, and they don’t seem friendly.

If cows charged, this one was thinking about it.

Do cows charge?

Hunters are scoping the area in their 4 wheelers. These are much cooler than the golf carts from Mormon Lake.

Any luck?

“We’re just scouting Elk for next week. Have you seen anything?”
Hipster golf cart

I’ve seen some cows.

I don’t think that’s what he was asking.
The terrain is easy and flat. Several hunters pass by.

As the sunset approaches, the terrain becomes all rocky. Rocky to the point of questionable for tired ankles.

But. I really want to make it to a certain point - the app says there are great campsites at a point 10 miles ahead. That will require night hiking.

Or, I could stop and camp at this decent spot.


A check the map. I really want to make it to that spot.

Let’s go over the points.

Rocky terrain?

Full moon where animals are known to act strangely?

Sharp rocky decline right before the desired campsite?

3-4 hours of night hiking through questionable terrain?


This is definitely a good idea. Let’s do some night hiking.