Late start this morning.

I mean, I woke up at 6. And just laid there.

Some time later I woke up again. I was exhausted. I might have gotten 3 hours of sleep, and uncomfortable ones at that.

My campsite, however, was perfect. Under tree cover, I had no condensation for the second night.

And what's this? My quilt, which was partially wet the night before, was completely dried out.

Either I got lucky, or I'm starting to figure out proper campsite selection.

I check my toe, and it looks a little worse than yesterday. Proper healing process, or the result of damaging it further yesterday?
I can only guess.

It's 9 before I start walking. Super late, but I'm unconcerned. I'm also not interested in trying to push for big miles today.

It's become clear, injury or not, that my body isn't ready for 30+ mile days yet, regardless of how much I push for them, or how early I get up.

So today, I'm not hiking.

I'm going for a leisurely stroll in the woods.

Which is convenient, because most of the day is traveling small mountains lined with pine trees and soft running creeks.

Rolling hills, up and down. Slow pace.

Eventually I'll get to 30 mile days, and they'll be no big deal.

But not today.

There's a gnat that's been buzzing around my face for a 1/2 mile now.

I considered swatting him out of my face, but I'm postulating about how he decided upon this course of action, and how far he is now from his established home, likely unknowingly, now that I'm his gravity source.
Been waiting my whole life for nuclear-based superpowers.
I wonder what he's so intent on accomplishing?

I will call him Gneedlemin. Gneedlemin the gnat. He lands on my sunglasses for a moment, and then takes off. Maybe he was trying to get up the nerve that entire time.

For a while he disappears, and then several miles later, he returns.

Now, you could say it's a different gnat.

Maybe. But if he is, it's because Gneedlemin has passed the baton on the same mission.

I prefer to think it's stil Gneedlemin, though. He might be trying to communicate with me using the same frequency as my tinnitus, and I can't hear him.

Gneedlemin is persistent.

And for that, he has earned my friendship. I won't swat you away. Let us continue on this journey together.

Drink up!
Total miles 148.6
Miles 25.2