Goodness. The inside of the bivy is covered in water. The condensation has taken a toll on the sleeping quilt.
Bivy, one night in

I don't understand.

What's the purpose of a 4-season bivy if the condensation soaks your sleeping gear in relatively warm, low 40s temperatures?

I guess I should have stuck with the tent.

I could go back and get it. The shipment won't go out until tomorrow, so there's time.

I would have to head back into town, though. I would have to go backwards, and essentially have yet another zero miles day.

I can't.

I'm just going to deal with it.

I check the weather, and it seems like it's going to be ideal weather for the remainder of the trail. All the snow I was concerned about has taken a break, and I may not see any before I finish. It's ideal, although unfortunate that I'm now carrying extra weight to deal with it.

I *could* just cowboy camp using the Gore-tex bivy as a ground sheet going forward. No rocks or shards of glass would puncture it.

Yes. I'll do that. I'd rather push myself a bit than go backwards.

So I move forward.

The elevation is low, but clouds are covering the towns normally visible in the distance.

Through the rolling hills. The scenery is much the same, but I can see the vast landscape all around. There are signs asking trail walkers to not skip portions of the trail, even when the trail of a long loop comes within 10 feet of where you'll be 100 feet later of walking the strict path.

It feels pointless, but it's probably for allowing the wildlife and vegetation to recover from too much human influence.

The rock formations are odd, and much different than other portions of the trail.

There are trees that seem out of place for the rest of the area.

I wonder what caused these little areas of difference.

Was it human influence or natural phenomenon?

No matter.
No bzzt

I cross some more high tension power lines, this time with no buzzing, and no electrical charge running through my body.

It's not as fun, but probably for the best.

As it gets late, I see in the app that there's an "oasis" of trail magic up ahead, so I'm hoping to get there before sunset.
As I do, I see that it is indeed an oasis.

It's amazing.
So many things!

I had a resupply package coming to Kearny, but it wasn't there in time, so I called today to have it forwarded to the next town. As such, I didn't buy that much food, but instead opted to push through, but I didn't get enough.

This little oasis has quite a few chips packages, which will give me the fat I need to get through.

It's amazing. And very appreciated. Trail Angels are my favorite people.

The 10 gallons of cached water and the box of treats prompts me to camp here for the night.

I plan to cowboy camp on the bivy, but I wonder about the rattlesnake skin I see. And the wolf spider I saw earlier in the day.

It's probably fine. It's still too cold.

Except, it *was* much warmer last night than I expected.

I have some coverage, so I start reading about various forms of large spiders in the area.


I Probably shouldn't have done that.

I'll try the bivy again tonight. I dried my quilt out earlier in the day, so it should be fine. I hope. There are some loops for guy lines and stakes in the bivy, I'll try that.

No snakes or spiders will get me tonight. I'll go to sleep while staring at the stars of my bivy, and worry about condensation tomorrow.