There’s full LTE coverage at this campsite, and for most of the surrounding area. I am tickled pink when there’s data coverage on the trail. It feels so remote, but I could still make a video call were it necessary.

I probably should have woken up early and started out on the trail.

But I was craving meat. My normal diet is meat and vegetables, whereas my trail diet is light on protein and high in carbohydrates and fat. I believe my digestive system is rebelling, just a bit.

I decided to head into the nearest town.

It’s common for thru-hikers to hitchhike; I started out on the highway and let the first couple of cars pass - it felt awkward to be imposing.

On the fourth car, I held out my thumb while walking. I did that for a while.

After maybe 20 cars, I changed to the other side of the highway, and turned around as I was walking so they could see my face.

I removed my rain jacket so they could see my trail-fashionable attire.

Nothing. Fine. I can make this walk.
I made the right decision

I walked into the restaurant, and immediately saw a counter and glass case full of fancy cookies. I had made the right decision.

At the restaurant, I ordered a bison burger, a large salad, and a chicken sandwich. Surely this would be enough protein for today. I’m not sure it was, but it would have to do.

I visited the bathroom, and washed my face, brushed my teeth, and did all the things with actual running water.

It’s only been two days, but emotionally, it feels longer. I was so grateful for human technology.

I sat in the restaurant leather chairs for a while. I reorganized my pack. Three times. I was stalling, but also waiting for my food to digest to see if I wanted more.

After a sufficient amount of time, I started back out towards the trail. I tried to cut across the forest, but there were several fences in the way. Back to the highway, I suppose.

This time, I tried a different tactic.
I walked, but as cars approached, I turned and gave them full view of my fashionable attire. I looked them in the eyes as they drove by.


Ok, attempt 2.

I stopped, faced the car, and pulled out my phone. This, my hope, was to show them that I was not just any vagabond. I was a vagabond with a fancy phone.

The second car picked me up. Nick was headed to Flagstaff.

Me too! Just, much slower than you.

Picking up a hitch hiker was on his bucket list, and I had filled that notch on the bucket.
Getting back on the trail after using a sink, eating meat, and getting a hitch was invigorating. I had wasted most of the day, but I still had several hours before dark. I’ve gone faster, though, as I left town with 3.5 liters of water in my pack. Water is heavy.

As the time for sunset neared, I opted to not make the same mistake as previous nights.

Set up camp during the day. Eat during the day.

Of course, as it came time, the terrain, elevation, and temperature changed. I was now walking through snow.

I found the perfect spot!

Right next to a wildlife water tank.


There’s another one!

And...another wildlife water tank.

Finally, I found a mediocre spot. I was hoping to find one that had a clear shot of the rising sun so that the tent condensation would clear up quickly, but that was not for tonight.

The tent was set up. Still daylight. Good job, Glen! Now to eat.

Hmm. I finished eating in the dark. Cedrick was close, but I’m getting better. I finished up, put my food bag in a different location, and climbed in the tent.

Tomorrow, I’ll do even better.
Stop taking pictures and do your chores

Emotional exhaustion 70%
Efficiency 5%