As I was drifting off to sleep last night, I remembered an excellent quadricep exercise that requires no weights.

Lunge, then hold that position for x amount of seconds, with the back knee an inch off the ground.

It works very, very well, because I can only hold it for 15 seconds.
Drink up
Yep. This is targeting the exact spot I need, the exact spot that is weak. After several rounds, the muscles are activated, and I can flex my quads again.

Every hour, I stop to do another round of the exercise.

Now I'm moving a bit faster.

The landscape, just as it was yesterday, is vast. Sometimes I can't even see the next sign. Fortunately, the compass tells me what general direction to go until I see another.

Looking at the trail map, I see that the trail goes around a mountain range instead of through it.

The satellite map, however, shows a wash that has a more direct route to Lordsburg, with the exception of one mountain I would have to climb over.

At this point, it's only 13 miles to town. I'll certainly make it there at a reasonable hour, but I wonder if I can cut some time by cutting some distance.

Now, if you've read my Arizona Trail entries you know that you should NEVER CUT THE TRAIL NO THIS IS NOT THE EXCEPTION.

And yes, that is correct on the AZT.

The CDT, thus far, however, has no trail; it is a route linked by signs, sometimes far enough away that you cannot see them from the previous sign.

The map, however, has a specific route.


I kind of want to see what happens.

Good idea?

Probably not.

Is it what we're doing?