​ I got up earlier than Mowgli, intent on being gone by the time he woke up.

That didn’t happen. He got up maybe 45 minutes to an hour later, was packed up and ready to go, probably even cooked some food by the time I was ready to go.


We walked out together, filtered some pond water, and hiked a bit.

I got the impression he wanted to walk alone, so when the sun prompted him to remove a layer, I moved on.
Cedrick is so tidy

I was intent on getting to Mormon Lake, my first resupply point.

17.6 miles to go.

Unfortunately, I had not factored in the elevation. You see, Mormon Lake was on Mormon Mountain.


Trekking Poles out, lets climb.

Mormon mountain was home to a railroad in the early 1920s, built for the purpose of hauling lumber between the mountain and Flagstaff.
Period art of the ancient Mormon pharaohs

97 years later, all that was left was a few barely recognizable stone walls embedded in the hillside.

It operated for 6 years, and was a major hub of transportation and commerce. Now all that was left was 2 plaques on a relatively obscure trail.

I suspect the builders that what they were doing was really important.



I motivated myself by listening to the latest
트와이스 album. Many times over. Pretty sure I know all the lyrics now.
Go home trail. You’re drunk.

Sunset was approaching, and I was intent on getting to Mormon Lake campground, but it was off trail, and the best route was unclear.

I decided to cut across the woods.

I found some arrows laid about, and remembered this was hunting season.
Not the best time to be off trail.
In the distance, I heard shots. Many shots.

Just kill the Elk already, and don’t shoot me.

At least not until I get my miles in for today.