Encouraged my fantastic campsite, I was up before sunrise again. Packed up and walking by 7:30.

Today, however, the cold hit a new level.
Cold cannot obstruct fashion

When you’re walking in every piece of clothing including your wool base layer and mid-weight down jacket, and you’re not sweating - at all - you don’t need to see the temperature.

It’s. Just. Cold.

The wind was relentless, but I was cozy and protected. I walked the long straight path until it curved, and there it was.

The thing I had been waiting for.

Tub Ranch.

These must be my people.

I already had enough water, so I didn’t need to stop.

But Tub Ranch.


As I walked the dirt road, several people passed by in older model sedans and waved. They left a windstorm of dirt each time, but I was bundled and protected.

I came upon a trailhead that marked the beginning of the next passage, and took the opportunity to dry out the condensation on my quilt.

I hung it up on a tree, and turned my head.

I turned back around, and it was gone. It had blown away.



I need you!

I caught up to it and it was undamaged.
Resupply and wind refuge

There was a resupply box with cached water, and I refilled, but not completely, because several of the gallons were frozen solid.

I cooked a meal with the stove in the metal resupply box, so as to protect the flame from the wind.

Rolled oats, hemp hearts, and a serving of powdered milk - highly nutritious and high caloric content per ounce. This is the only thing I cook on the trail.

I hate stopping to cook. I might see about replacing it with something else.

My quilt dry, water mostly refilled, and my body nutrient enriched, I trekked on in the wind.

This next section was my least favorite of the trail.

All uphill. Very little scenery.

I did find an abandoned hiker umbrella. A rather classic and mildly expensive one. I let it be.

I had given up hope that it would ever end, and accepted my fate. Uphill and dead trees forever.

And then the forest opened up into a picturesque row of trees, reminiscent of the northwest - Washington or Vancouver.
Impending peak

I was so enamored with it that I missed the trail turnoff, and had to cut across forest to get back.I was in a hurry, because I was trying to get to a cached water resupply before nightfall. I ran to make up the time.

The landscape changed to an array of green pines and grass the color of yellow wheat.

Oh! The snow capped peak from yesterday, but MUCH closer.

Maybe that is indeed where I am going.