The inside of the bivy, and everything in it, is quite wet. The quilt isn't soaked through, but the outer shell is. Fortunately, enough loft was maintained in order to provide adequate warmth.
I'm very thankful for my vapor barrier layer (VBL), the black and gold layer that prevents any moisture moving beyond its layer.

This prevents me from getting wet in high moisture situations, prevents my radiated moisture from getting everything else wet, and prevents body heat from seeping out through that moisture.

If indeed I have made a terrible mistake with this shelter, this VBL will save me in the short run.

As I pack up, it's very clear I have to start from scratch in creating an efficient process. Any process I had on the Arizona Trail (AZT) is either gone or rendered pointless.

I'm a bumbling mess. A bumbling mess with less stuff, but a bumbling mess nonetheless.

Drying out in the morning with intermittent sun
There's a puddle of water underneath the sleeping pad. I wonder if that's water that got in while I was setting up the shelter, or leakage during the night.

Time will tell.

As I start walking, my hip flexors and left ankle are screaming at me.

This is not good.
But I have a theory.

I notice I'm not able to flex my right quadricep, which tells me the muscle isn't firing properly. Ever since the AZT, I've had a problem maintaining a balance between my quads and hamstrings. My quads always seem to loose mass and strength without specific attention.

For the past month, I've spent a lot of time in front of the sewing machine or computer, and have done only marginal workouts, which has apparently left my quads under-served.

This is a problem.

What I need to do, I believe, is figure out a way to get these muscles firing properly, so I begin stopping periodically and holding yoga poses that target the quads for about a minute.

It's not enough.

I'm pretty sure I need heavy weights to lift.

At this point, I'm hobbling down the dirt road.

I stop to do exercises.

Stop to elevate my ankle.

And hobble on.

I need to get to Lordsburg, the next major town, and reassess my method and figure out how to resolve this problem.

So I hobble on.

Only 60+ miles to Lordsburg.
Miles 18.2
Total miles 32.5