I get up later than I wanted to, but the heated room was so comfy. I need to be ready for my scheduled pick up.

Whenever I take a shower these days.l, I try to be truly present and bask in the amazing convenience of running, heated, water, so it takes a while.

Once I’m picked up, I learn that we’re heading towards the trail angels’ house for breakfast.

I wasn’t sure if we were going out or not, but I’m truly honored that these people are inviting me into their home.
Don’t touch the syrup!

They are wonderful people. We all eat waffles and ham together, and they are excited to be AZT trail angels.

Except. Don’t touch the special Syrup.

That’s only for Al.

Mary is quite adamant about it.


Their dogs, Rocket and Anabelle, remind me of the older couples in the original Willy Wonka movie. They don’t get up. Except sometimes. They are adorable though, and an excellent part of this happy little home.
Always a good time for a nap

They have a hiker box, and I take some of the treats, while depositing some unneeded supplies of my own.

Mary shares her special Christmas treats.

I learn that they would have been happy to host me the previous night, and feel even more ridiculous about the motel, but it’s in the past.

On the way to the trail head, Al shares with me that he would like to hike the nearby mountain, Picketpost, this year.

I wonder if I’ll be hiking it today.

Showered. Full belly. Full water complement. Dropped off at the trailhead. A ziploc bag of Mary’s special Christmas treats.

That’s everything I need.

Let’s get moving.