I wake up at 8.

Eh. I don’t care.

I wake up again at 9:30.


I wake up again at 11:30.

Ok. This is excessive. Time to face the logistics.

First, I clean the shoes.
East Verde river

Fortunately, there’s a river. Of course, the river is the reason it was so muddy, but whatever. I’m thankful for running water.

My shoes look more like big lumps of mud than anything else. I try my best to wash it all away.

My shoes used to be gray, but now they’re brown, even when the mud is washed away. Ok. No big deal.

The socks also take a while, I keep wringing them until only clear water comes out.

Next, the pants. The bottom of the pants should resemble the color of tan, like the rest of the pants.

Everything is relatively clean, so time to pack up the tent.

I get going at 1:30.

That’s 2.5 hours before I set up camp again.

So be it.

Yesterday was a failed experiment.

I kind of knew better, but I wanted to see what would happen.

Now I really know better.

Everything is fine; I just lost some time. It could have, even should have been much worse.
Into the mountain range

The day begins with a sharp incline. No switchbacks this time. Just straight up.

I’m entering the a mountain range. I don’t have much time before dark, so I need to hurry.

I’m intent on not reliving the mistakes of last night, so I’m going to stop at the first available campsite.

Tucked in between two peaks, I find a great spot with a fire ring. It’s early, but I’m ready to stop.

Set up the tent. Start a fire. Cook.

I’m mixing store bought rice meals with my normal diet today. And tortillas. And cheese. It’s delicious.

Watch the fire burn. Put it out.