Last night, there was no rain.

Only bright stars and a bright moon shining in my face.

The wind, however, was unrelenting. I closed the bivy except for a 3 inch sliver at the top, so I could partially feel the wind, only as much as it took to reinforce how cozy and protected I was.

Waking up in the morning, it was apparent that condensation was still a problem. I did, however, go to sleep with a partially wet down quilt, so that certainly contributed to the issue.
Fortunately, even though it was wet, my shelter and sleep system still protected me and kept me comfortable with the temperature down to 35°.

I was pleasantly surprised.

Time to start the day
As it turns out, the most effective exercises I could find for activating my quadriceps were sun salutations. Holding a low pose for 60 seconds at periodic intervals lessened the volume at which my ankle and hip flexor screaming.

I really need to make it to the next town and reassess both what I'm doing and how I'm doing it.

Right now, I wonder, how much more of this so I want to put up with?

But I couldn't quit right now, even if I wanted to. So I press on.

It seems my body is equalizing a bit, so I'm able to pick up the pace in spite of my ankle. My hip flexors have completely quieted down.

I still can't flex my left quadricep, so there's still a problem.

But at least I can move forward.

Because it's 6 miles to the next water source, and I've been out of water for a while.

The temperature suddenly shot up, and instead of 35°, it was now 80°.

I'm not sure how that happened, but it's l new to me; I've never hiked in that temperature. Walking in the teens, no problem.

But 80°? I need much more water.

And now I'm walking on goobered ankle while dehydrated.

This is not good.

Miles 13.3
Total miles 45.6