The New Mexico stay in place ordinance is inevitable at this point. The next state on the CDT, Colorado, has closed their national parks.

But still.

Leaving the trail on greyhound bus? That seems downright irresponsible, as does staying with my parents.

Within an hour of waking up, however, The trail angel that dropped me off at the southern terminus offers to come pick me up if I choose to get off the trail.

A family member is currently trying to sell a house in Florida and has offered to let me stay there while I self-quarantine. Several other logistical factors pop up conveniently.


That was unexpected.

And also a clear path forward.

I'm getting off the trail. I'll have to fly there, but from what I understand, the airports are mostly empty.

I had big plans for 2020; plans that extended far beyond the CDT.

I had just under 9000 more miles to walk, but I can't do those with the national parks closed. And I can't in good conscience put smaller towns without medical infrastructure at risk.


A reroute is required. A reroute that will take me off the trail for a bit.

Maybe it's for the best.

It's time to make more gear. Several more iterations of my shelter. And to refine the app I've been editing my blog entries on while offline.

You've won for now, CDT.

For now.