Mormon Lake is a small campground with a local community supporting it.

This was clearly the off season - I was the only camper with a tent, and there were maybe 4 RVs set up in a semi-permanent fashion.

The Mormon Lake has a general store which doubles as the post office, a reservations desk, a lodge, and a steakhouse.
Too dead for Sturgis

Once, there was an actual lake. Now it’s a field, host to the annual bonanza: “Too Broke for Sturgis”.

Once I got my tent set up, I picked up my resupply package, and visited the steak house. Cooked flesh is a trail scarcity, and at $16, for a 12 oz sirloin, it was effectively a gift of the gods.

I drank about 10 liters of water, ate a steak, and sat by myself for a while.
I could have gone back to my tent. It was dark; certainly the time usually went to bed.

But the laundry room.

Oh, the laundry room.

All the other camp residents had their own on-RV facilities. No one cared about the laundry room.

I had it all to myself. The entire HEATED room. It was going to get down to 26, which was better than 20, or 11, certainly, but still cold.

So I sat in the laundry room with all my items plugged and charging. I dried my sleeping quilt. I even dozed off several times.

It was wonderful. The heated laundry room.

Eventually, far too late, I went to bed.

As it turns out, my gear can handle 26 degrees, just not 20.

Delightful. Just delightful.