My host used to be the Mayor of this town. I ask, and he talks about what motivated him to be involved in the political goings on.

I wonder if I could ever do that.

We had to leave early in the morning because he has a work meeting he needs to attend.

On the way to the trail, we stop at Safeway and I pick up some breakfast.
40 minutes back, and the sun is shining brightly. I’m showered, my clothes are washed, and my gear is all dry.

It’s a new day.

He drops me off, I thank him profusely, and I head back to the marina. The bar is staffed, if you can call it a bar. It’s mostly people standing around with nothing to do - not much going on during the winter.
Contact your representatives

They have burgers, but you have to cook them yourself on the grills.


I pick up my resupply package with 4 days of food and a new not-frozen water filter.

I’m in no hurry to get going. I know there’s a climb, and it’s quite nice here.
Some people walk in, we converse about various things.

Two hours later, I’m ready to go.

It starts to rain.


It’s a light sprinkle, though, so I put on my rain jacket and start walking. It clears up pretty quickly.
Unwelcoming fruit

I walk back up to the visitor center to fill up on water, and it’s a nice place. There’s a little tour, and a video. I walk the tour, and join in on the conversation with the ladies behind the desk.

It’s pleasant, and I’m feeling social.

An hour later, it’s time to go.

The trail makes some seemingly non-sensical winding paths, and I decide to try to take a short cut.

Of course, we know this is a bad idea. And it was. It takes twice as long.

The landscape follows a river going toward the source, and I meet some section hikers that remind me of the climb. It’s late in the day now, so I may not make it up, but I’m dedicated to making camp early enough so that it’s a comfortable night.

At the foot of a major climb, I pitch the tent. I didn’t think to dry out the tent, so it’s damp, but the inside isn’t so bad.

Only one of the stakes won’t go in. I work with it for 20 minutes until I find a spot.

In the mean time, I break more stakes. It’s frustrating.

All my backups, and two that pull guy lines and give more head and foot room are broken. They’re not strictly necessary, but they help prevent condensation from the tent wall collecting on the down quilt.

This tent isn’t working for me anymore.

The tent is secure, though. I cook in the vestibule, and the wind is low.

I remember the heat and comfort of my host’s extra room.

But this will work.