The sun has risen. I’m not feeling so peppy.

In the past, I would have stayed an extra day in town after an unfortunate situation. This is the first time I had a respite, but only for a night. Effectively, it’s just like I slept in the tent for the past two nights, albeit a much more comfortable tent.

Eventually I get up. Pack up, and start walking.

It’s still early, and the sun hasn’t revealed itself from beyond the clouds.

I begin the climb.

It’s not easy, but I can see where I’m going.

There’s lots of cows up here. They stare, as they tend to do.

It’s become evident that I’m crossing another mountain range. It doesn’t seem as massive as previous ranges, though I know what’s coming after this sharp decline.

It’s about 3pm, and I’ve come to the top of another incline. I see the trail start to descend, and I decide to play it safe and set up camp now, in full daylight, with a mountain top view, and 3 bars of LTE coverage.

Cooking is done before the sunset. It’s cold up here, but I’m prepared. I have to be careful with my stakes - I have no spares.

Everything works out ok.
This was a hard, but good day.
Prepared, even backed up with heavy rocks