Day 15 was spent in Flagstaff.

I had a room for $45 per night with a continental breakfast.

For two nights, I blasted the heater at 86 degrees; it seemed perfectly reasonable to me.

The cold had left me in an emotional state of disarray. I wanted to regroup and consider my next step. Did I really want to spend another night on verge of shivering?

No. Something had to change.
All you can eat meats, minerals, and vitamins

I spent a zero (a full day without hiking) riding around Flagstaff, visiting REI, and eating meat.

As the night arrived, I could feel the emotional memory of the cold; I shivered off and on. Psycho-somatic? Maybe. I don’t really know why.

I do know that the experience had left me feeling all sorts of negative emotions that I wasn’t expecting.

I sat in an 86 degree room with all the covers on, watching multiple pointless movies, just to have sound playing.

The padding on my feet was screaming at me. Every time I got out of bed, it felt like I needed to limp before I realized it wasn’t an injury, it was just an unfamiliar soreness.

When the 2nd movie was about done, I felt myself normalize.

It was now too hot. And I wanted to finish the trail.

I don’t know exactly why I was affected that way, but I definitely believe the reprieve was necessary on more than a physical level.

Whatever stresses the trail had put on me had come to a head, and after some rest, I was able to continue.

I figure this experience was my body’s way of developing a greater strength for next time.

X miles to go.

It doesn’t really matter how many.