Marion didn't want to get up early. But he does it anyway.

The door opens before my alarm. Get up hiker. It's time to go.


On the trail walking before 8, I feel pretty good. It's only 30 miles to Lordsburg...


That's 30 miles as the bird flies. It's actually more like 40 miles and some change on trail.

Well. I'm going to make it there today anyway.

I've done 37 before. Let's try for 40.

The first new friend I meet is a very vocal, very frustrated bovine. I learn later that these fields are primarily used for mating, so, I suspect, this particular bovine was executing a well orchestrated mating call.

What I know for sure is that he or she didn't want me next to that water source.

Too bad, friend. I'm thirsty.

Mudd: Fashionable and faster than me.
The second friend I meet is another thru-hiker named Mudd. To my surprise, Mudd is particularly well dressed, in colors that complement my own. In fact, the same orange and dark green that make up the bulk of his outfit.

I comment on it.

I'm pretty sure he doesn't know what to do with it, but he accepts it in stride.

I can still make it!
I'm enamored with his attention to detail; I don't know if it was him or someone else, but I'll give him the credit.


Onward to Lordsburg.


I'm having to walk flat footed. Which means I'm slow. Really slow.

Mudd and I have lunch together at a water cache, after which I decide to run off. Literally.

I've found that I can run with less pain and stress than I can walk. So I run at a reasonable pace off into the distance.

I'm so happy with my running that I get way off trail. I mean, there was no real trail to begin with, but the trail I was following was arbitrary, and not in the right direction.
No. No you can’t.
Fine. No more over-confident running.

At some point, about 2 hours before sunset, I have to call it. The numbers say I've been walking at less than 2 miles per hour, and I have 24 miles to go.

It's not going to happen. It doesn't matter what will power I have, I just can't move that fast.

So I sit down, trying to figure out a way.

Nope. It's just not going to happen.

Hot Cheetos and Floss. #realtalk
Fortunately, I can set up camp from the same seated position. Fortunate, because I don't want to get back up. It's nice down here.

I think, tonight, as a fun experiment, I'll try leaving the support pole out of my bivy, and try to use the pack as the support, fitting everything snugly inside.

Hopefully it won't matter that my quilt never fully dried out from the previous two nights.

It doesn't really matter, as tomorrow I will definitely make it to Lordsburg. My ankle is still messed up, but my calves seem to have temporarily compensated. I still have to walk flat footed, but if I get up early, I'll make it.

At the moment, that's my only goal.