The long road walk out of town is mind numbing.

I just now remember that I haven't fully loaded up on water before leaving. I only have 1.5 liters.
Back to the...trail?
This is a bad habit I'm developing.

The landscape is similar to what it was entering Lordsburg. Flat. Kind of boring, but easy.

Mountains are off in the distance, and I wonder if I'm going to be climbing them.

I hope so. It would be the first different type of terrain since I started.

And eventually, I do.
But not before I find an abandoned pair of Black Diamond trekking poles. Really nice ones.

I yell out, "Hello!"

Nothing. No owner. Just poles.

As I start climbing the mountain, my toe stops pulsating, and my ankle has quieted down.

I can feel it: my body is starting to adapt. For the first time, I'm not annoyed at having to walk.

This was inevitable - I just had to keep moving.

I find a nice campsite under a small tree. It's taken a while, but I'm starting to factor in site selection for environmental conditions necessary for good sleep.

Just enough space for the bivy
This tree should absorb condensation that would otherwise settle on my gear.

I make dinner with cheddar cheese, soft jerky, and some corn street tacos; I bought 12 oz of small corn tortillas earlier today.

They seemed fun.

Now they are not; they just crumble onto the ground for bears to find and use as an appetizer before eating me.

If there were bears around here.

The street tacos have failed, but campsite selection has not.

Goodnight, CDT.

Miles 17.5
Total miles 101.5